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We only collect information when you send us your information through our contact page. The information you submit is only for contacting you and sending periodic emails. We never store any of your passwords or any credit/debit cards or bank details you provide through our site. We never sell or trade your information outside in any case.  

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Our website backend software uses cookies to store minor non-identifiable analytical information about your visit to our website to provide little customization for future visits.  

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We use Google Analytics traffic analysis software to track and observe traffic statistics to improve your experience on our website. None of the information accumulated contains any personal information.  

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Occasionally we link to other websites for our affiliation or other marketing purpose and are not responsible for the contents of those websites when you visit them if you have visited them from a link on our website.  


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You can use our contact page to communicate with us or use the information below to do so. EH Roofing & Building Contracts Ltd. 16 Jenks Loan, Newtongrange, Dalkeith EH22 4DD Privacy policy updated: August 1, 2022
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